Monday, January 31, 2011

Juice Feasting Day 9 - Doing Enemas While Juice Feasting

Good day to you wonderful Being! =)

I hope that your day has been great so far and that the rest of it will be filled with lovely blessings!

Today is Day #9 of our Juicy Feast and tomorrow is officially the last day of our planned journey! Yesterday was the first day that Julia had a difficult time. She had a bad headache in the morning and generally did not feel as good as she has felt the rest of the days.

She called me in the morning and asked me for help. When she said she had a headache, I knew immediately what was going on. Normally, when you have a headache and don't feel well on a Juice Feast, it's because you need to do an enema and your body needs some pure water. When Juice Feasting, we drink a lot of juice and sometimes we forget to drink pure, clear water. It's important to get enough pure water so your body has enough clear fluid to move things around. When you don't, it shows up as a headache.

So I told her to drink 1 Quart of water. But to guzzle it down quickly and NOT to take little sips. After that, do an enema and then drink another Quart of water. She did it, and she felt much better! =)

In today's video, we talk about:
  • What was going on for Julia when she was having a hard time on Day 8.
  • The importance of doing enemas or colonics to clean the colon and why it's essential.
  • Drinking enough water during the Juice Feast to keep things flowing in the body.
  • We also do a little DANCE! on this episode together! So much FUN! =)

Julia's Weight Loss Log:
Day #1: 150lbs
Day #2: 148lbs
Day #4: 146lbs
Day #6: 145lbs 

Day #8: 143lbs

Wow! Tomorrow is already Day #10! Can you believe it? This is the quickest Juice Feast I have ever done! It really went by fast. They say... time flies when you're having fun! =)

Julia has decided to break her Juice Feast after Day #10. After we talked about this, I agree with her. 10 days has been enough for her first time. I think it's a great decision and I fully support her.

What will we be talking about tomorrow?
Today we did not cover how to get Protein during the Juice Feast because there wasn't enough time. Tomorrow we will talk about Protein sources when Juice Feasting. We will also talk about how to know when it's time to break your Juice Feast. It's Day #10 tomorrow! Yippie! We made it! =)

The E-Book is coming out by this Wed. Feb. 2nd
I was hoping to have it ready by the 1st. of Feb, but I want to add some more things and I don't want to rush it. Sorry if you were looking forward it, but I promise the extra couple of days are serving to make it even better than it was. I am also creating a website for it, where you will be able to get a few of the things that you will need for your Juice Feast. =)

Thanks so much for following us on this juicy journey, and after this Juice Feast is done I am looking forward to continuing this Blog and bringing you lots of amazing information about becoming The Guru Of Your Own Life! =)

See you tomorrow! :)

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