Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Juice Feasting Day #03 - Q and Julia's 10-Day Juice Feasting Journey! =)

Hello all of you beautiful and amazing spirits! Thank you so much for being interested in changing your life for the better! =)

So, today was Day #3 of our juicy juice feast, and it was quite a wonderful day!

This is the juice that I had this morning! :)

I have received many emails and messages on Facebook from people who are interested in doing their own Juice Feast, but have never done one before (at least not successfully).

Because of the high interest in our juice feasting journey, I have decided to put together an e-book that will serve as an empowering guide to doing a successful juice feast! =)

I am working on it almost day and night, and I hope to have it completed by the end of this week! I have also decided that a portion of the proceeds will go directly my non-profit charity: The GIVE Project! That means that by purchasing the upcoming e-book, not only will you be making an investment into your own health and well being, but you will also be making a donation to charity! How cool is that? :) <3

The e-book will be called:
"The Complete Guide to Successful Juice Feasting" by Q. =)

What will be included in the e-book?
It will cover everything from which juicer you should get, how to strain your juice to get rid of all the pulp, juice recipes, detox symptoms, dealing with skeptical friends and family, how to break the juice feast, and so much more! I am basically putting in it EVERYTHING I know about Juice Feasting...
I have also decided that the price of the e-book will be $20.11 -- This is because the year 2011 is YOUR YEAR to transform yourself into the NEW YOU. =)

Please keep in touch and come back here to know exactly when the e-book will be available.


Unfortunately, Julia could not come over today to take photos and make a video because she had to work. But the good news is that she did email me an update about how she is doing on Day #3 of our Juice Feast.

Here are Julia's own words:

"The one thing I very strongly felt today was the rush/buzz of energy in my blood and cells. It felt as though my cells were smiling and happy and telling me 'thank you' for finally giving them a rest. I felt their relief within my system. :) The one thing that surprises me is that I have not had any hunger pangs or even the desire for solid food or any type of craving. My body feels completely satisfied and fulfilled. I thought perhaps I may experience weakness during massage sessions with clients, but on the contrary I felt strong and able to perform on a higher level than before. I realized today that food and the love of Self are deeply connected..."

Wow! That is so beautiful! Indeed... when you are on a juice feast your body DOES thank you for giving it a break. How many years have we all been eating and eating and eating and never giving our body a break to take a breather? That is one of the beautiful things about juice feasting. You body truly gets to relax and rejuvenate on a molecular level. :) <3

Julia is coming over tomorrow to take more photos and to do a video, so stay tuned for that!


For today, please enjoy my now FAMOUS 34-Day Juice Feast Breaking video that I posted last year. It now has over 13,500 views! Wow...


Thanks so much, and we'll see you tomorrow!! :) <3

(And Julia too!) :) <3