Thursday, January 27, 2011

Juice Feasting Day #04 - BEFORE/AFTER pics - Juice Feasting How To - Bloated Stomach Treatment=)

Hello there beautiful being! :) <3

I hope that your day is going great so far, and things are coming to you easily and smoothly! :)

Yesterday was Day #4 of our 10-day Juice Feast and Julia and I are doing great and still going strong! She came over last night and we took some more photos and made a video as well.

I am completely amazed at Julia's progress and how her body is transforming! Her skin looks radiant, she's lost 4lbs, the energy in and around her body is changing (I can perceive it very easily. If you look closely and with presence, so can you!) and she says that she has not felt this good for many, many years!

Check out this video below to view BEFORE/AFTER pics
And also learn the answers to these questions:
  • Do I have to peal my carrots, beets, and apples?
  • What do I do with my juice pulp? How can I give it back to the Earth?
  • Why do I feel bloated sometimes on a juice feast? How do I deal with it?

Weight Loss Log:
Day #1: 150lbs
Day #2: 148lbs
Day #4: 146lbs

My Juice Feasting E-Book is coming out soon!
It will include everything you need to know to be able to do YOUR OWN successful Juice Feast. It will include everything from juice recipes, to which juicer you should get, and even how to save money on purchasing your produce!

I'm about half way done with it, so hopefully it should be out by day 7 of our juice feast! (today is day 4).

Stay tuned for that! And we'll see you tomorrow!

Until then, have a JUICY DAY!

Here are some more BEFORE / AFTER pics!

HAHA! I hope you had a great laugh with this one! :) <3

See you tomorrow! :)

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