Saturday, January 29, 2011

Juice Feasting Results BEFORE/AFTER - Day 6 - Organic Produce and Getting Grounded

Hello fellow brothers and sisters! =)

Julia and I cannot believe how fast this Juice Feast is going! Day 6 has already passed, and after tomorrow it will be 1 week that we've been juice feasting! <3

I think that this may be the easiest juice feast that I have ever done, and I have done over 20 juice feasts before. Maybe it's because we are making such a big deal out of it and sharing our journey with the world? Maybe it's because this time I have a partner, and a very fun partner at that! =)

Julia has been so cooperative and easy to coach. Sometimes people are not able to take direction from another because of their ego, but Julia does not have that problem at all! She is so easy going and listens to the direction I give her. She also asks very good questions, that then turn into this blog and into video content! =)

Thanks so much for being so RAWSOME Julia! <3

In today's video, we cover the following topics:
  • Julia's BEFORE/AFTER Progressions from Day #1 to Day #6
  • Does all of the produce that I juice have to be organic when doing a Juice Feast?
  • How to save money on a Juice Feast by finding wild fruits.
  • How to get grounded and physically connected to the Earth.

    Julia's Weight Loss Log:
    Day #1: 150lbs
    Day #2: 148lbs
    Day #4: 146lbs
    Day #6: 145lbs 

    What will we be talking about tomorrow?
    Tomorrow, we will be talking about enemas and why it is so important to clean the colon during a Juice Feast. We will also talk about how to get protein on a Juice Feast and what other supplements are important during your juicy journey.

    Get ready for my E-Book! =) 
    I'm about 75% done, and it's coming out great!

    The Juice Feasting E-Book will cover these topics and much, much more:
    • The Spiritual benefits of cleansing the body.
    • How to stay motivated during a juice feast.
    • Dozens of juice recipes for green juices, fruit juices, and savory juices.
    • How to deal with judgment and non-supportive friends and family.
    • The importance of basking in the Sun and receiving natural light from the Universe.
    • These are just a few of the topics! Too many to name them all! =)
    I can't wait to bring the E-Book to you guys! I'm so excited... Are you? :) <3

    Thanks so much for participating in our journey!

    See you tomorrow! :)

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