Sunday, July 31, 2011


To start off today's blog entry, here are some artsy photos for you =)

This is the "Loquat" tree that is in front of my house. It's been blessing us with delicious fruits for several years and we all look forward to when their season arrives. It actually just passed a few months ago.

Here is some more info on Loquats:

Last year I gave some to Angela Stokes-Monarch and she took them to Vilcabama Equador. I gave her over 100! She planted several in her home and gave many of them away to others. This tree has spread across the globe! =)

Here are some more that I planted. They were sprouting below the tree from this year's harvest.

A couple of weeks ago I cut into a lemon and out popped a sprouted lemon seed! That never happens... seeds are designed to come OUT before they sprout! But this little guy was ready to live and thrive and contribute to life! So I planted it right away under the soil.

Now look at it! It's coming up! =)

Then, yesterday... I was eating a papaya and inside of it were dozens and dozens of sprouted papaya seeds! Wow... So I planted all of those too. We'll see if they come up! =)

And last but not least... here is one more art piece for the road. =)

Thanks for being!

See you tomorrow...


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