Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When I first started drinking juices, I couldn't get it down unless it was sweet. I never thought that after a couple of years of enjoying fresh squeezed organic juices, I would CRAVE straight green juice with no chaser. Boy, have things changed.

Today, my body was craving dandelion! As you may know, dandelion is pretty hard-core. It's super potent and very bitter. It's great for cleansing the blood, kidneys, and the liver. Interestingly enough, the STRONG bitter taste was intense but I enjoyed it fully. In fact, I wanted more later on! =)

Whenever I make strong juice, I give my parents a shot of it and tell them that it's their medicine for the day! haha... Here is my dad taking his shot for the day... =)

When I make juice that my parents can drink too, I add lots of apple so it will taste good for them. Later on in the day, I made some more juice and sweetened it up so they can enjoy it too. I couldn't drink too much of it myself. It was too sweet for me! =)

The photos that you've seen so far were from yesterday. Today I was craving DANDELION again! I ran out, so I made a quick trip to Whole Foods to get some. I usually get all my greens from my local farmer's market, but there isn't one until Saturday. Can't wait! =)

I saw this in the parking lot! I love Whole Foods because they bring awareness to GOING GREEN in so many different ways to the main stream. But gosh, their stuff is expensive! You know what they say... it's really Whole PayCheck! =)

 This is my other favorite grocery store. Trader Joes! =)

 My dream catcher wants to say hello! This was gifted to me and I have it hanging on my rear-view mirror. It's pretty, and everybody who comes into my car comments about it. Thanks to Melissa for gifting it to me! =)

 So I got my dandelion! Now to make some juice.... =)

 In this particular juicing session, I put dandelion, cilantro, celery, cucumber, lemon, and a few radishes. STRONG, and delicious! I gave my dad another shot! =)

 And last but not least for today's blog... That tree you see in the middle there used to be an "indoor" plant that I had at my old apartment. It wasn't doing too well and it wasn't happy at all. I brought it here and planted it in the yard, and now it's THRIVING! It's tripled in size... Hmmm... indoor plant?! =)

 I hope you enjoyed that! See you tomorrow... =)